-We help residents get set up with Freedom Alert personal emergency response systems. (pendant 2-way voice communicators) This is used for falls or other medical emergencies that require assistance to alleviate the situation. This is through the ATEL program is free to any senior resident who suffers any amount hearing loss (and really we all do once we are over the age of 65), have a speech disability or neuromuscular damage or disease that hinders you from using a regular telephone.

-We help set up meals on wheels for seniors over the age of 60 and are homebound, unable to prepare nutritious meals due to physical and /or psychological limitations or has difficulty leaving the house independently.

-We help set senior services through the Child & Family office if a senior has been the victim of a crime such larceny, domestic violence, financial exploitation, harassment, hate crime, identity theft, physical assault, vandalism, and scams. We at the police station will take the initial report, but will then refer you to this organization as a follow up, legal advice, home visits, support through the court system, crisis counseling and the Victim’s Compensation Fund.

-We help if anyone thinks self neglect is happening with a relative or friend. Meaning not taking care of themselves in a way that promotes a healthy life style. This could be not having enough money to keep the water on and not being able to flush the toilets, not being able to buy food, hoarding, rodent infestations, homes deemed to be very dirty to the point that the resident is unable to maintain it themselves, safety issues in the home that make walking around hard to accomplish etc…This does not necessarily mean they are aware of what they are doing or the environment they are living in but may be a psychological issue as well.

-We make referrals to the East Bay CAPP program which helps provide services to those in need such as heat assistance, helping to get out to the stores to buy food, rides to Dr. appointments, help cleaning the house,  food assistance, free hot meal sites etc…

-We provide support and options for families who believe their elderly family member may not be suitable to operate a motor vehicle any longer. We refer them to RI Hospital’s driving evaluation program and help navigate the system to make sure their loved one is safe on the road.

-We also work with RI DEA(department of elderly affairs) to make sure all services are coordinated with the state to get the most benefits for each individual senior to maintain a supportive, safe, and healthy life.

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